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What are the top most vital rules to follow to win A graphic designing client?

April 23, 2012     Designs Wallet    

Career of a graphic designer is quite challenging. There are lots of competitions and it is not at all a very easy task to carve a niche for yourself and become successful. It is not a 10 to 5 job and you have to work hard. Initially you may not get what you deserve but once you taste the success and earn reputation money will automatically follow you.

To get success you need to develop a huge database of clients. Both you and your clients should be loyal to each other and always try to increase the database. Each client has different expectation and it is your duty to impress them. Following are the rules which you need to follow to win graphic designer clients:

You should be naturally talented to become a graphic designer and need to prove your capability while approaching the clients. Because the clients who will hire you are not laymen and will very well understand whether you are forcing an image or the idea comes to you naturally.

You need to be confident enough to approach a client and convince him to hire you. You client should know that you can do it and give the project to you.

You should have an excellent communication skill to become successful in this profession. You are expected to communicate frequently with your clients before and after they hire you regarding the projects. They might also want you to execute all the order given by them related to the project. Apart from that you should have a effective customer service skill.

You should keep yourself updated with the latest design trend in the market. No clients wants outdated designs for their company or brand. You can have your signature style but try to blend modern look with the style and create a unique design using exact colors, images and texts which will definitely impress your clients.

It is not always pen and paper job. You need to be a little tech savvy and internet friendly to get yourself updated with the latest developed design software introduced in the market. Most of all clients are quite updated with these technical details. They may not be a designer but may know many things related to graphic designing. You need to smart enough to approach these clients. Sometimes they can ask you about some designing software such as Quark Express, Adobe Flash or Adobe Illustrator to test your knowledge. It would be better if you have software certification related to graphic designing.

If you think that as you are a graphic designer you need to be that perfect in language and grammar then you are completely wrong. A single spelling or grammar mistake can keep your reputation at a stake within a second. You should prove yourself qualified enough to write an effective slogan and provide other necessary information to your client.  Though there is not much scope of writing for the graphic designers. But if you are choosing custom infographics in your design then you may have to write. It is advised that you should check the draft again and again before publishing it. You may also give it to your client for checking. But it can be harmful if they find any kind of spelling or grammar error there.

You can only enjoy the freedom of spelling and grammar errors in some special cases where a brand or an organization deliberately uses wrong spelling or sentences to catch the attention of the readers. Companies like EZ care and others use custom infographics to have a attractive brand name and slogan.

Apart from these there are few qualities you need to have to impress your existing as well as new clients.

It is not all about work. You need to be cordial and friendly to retain and increase your client base. A simple ‘Good Morning’ or a sweet ‘Hello’ to your client can do wonder to your business. You need not to be engrossed with our work to show your dedication. Rather you can do it while having coffee or chatting with your clients.

You should be passionate to your work. If your clients think that you are only doing a it for money you will not be able to do much in your career.

It is not always your job, sometimes your attitude and dress speak about you. While approaching a client for the first time or preparing for a presentation always dress in a good and descent way. Remember that first impression is the last impression. In spite of being a good designer you can get rejected only because of your dress sense.

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