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10 Useful Tips for Every Web Designer for Designing Great Web Pages

September 26, 2013     sumaira    

Web Designing is a creative task and also it holds same responsibility. Every web designer should be aware of the common designing norms so that he or she can accomplish the Web Designing projects with appreciative work. Quality and looks is that most important thing that every Web Designer should necessarily consider. Here I am sharing with you 10 Mistakes that Every Web Designer Should Avoid While Designing so that he or she can get appreciations and satisfaction of the client after the accomplishment of the project.

  1. Easy to understand: The website layout should be perfectly related to the point and the website Web Design layout should attract users so that they can visit the website again. Most importantly, the visitor should understand the motive of the website with single view of a web page. It should also be communicative.
  2. Good Content: If you are a professional then you should never make a mistake of copying the content from any other website. You should give specific writing description which is Informative, Qualitative and short. Web Design content should look good and you can use Bullets, Sub headers, headers and lists according to the content requirement for this.
  3. Choose Font: Font Choice is really very important task which every Web Designer should do according to the website category. Do not use tiny or blur fonts and use different fonts for Headings and for Contents.
  4. No New Browser Windows: Make sure that your website is not opening new windows or pop ups because it would be really very disturbing for the visitors. You should let the users control what they want to see and what to block.
  5. No Registration: It has been seen that the websites that requires registration falls in traffic. If your website requires registration then the user’s preferences becomes low for it. Do not give Registration functionality unless necessary and if this function is necessary then make it optional but the website should be perfectly viewable without registration.
  6. Flash: Flash is really very good for Web Designing but also it makes the web page heavier. So it is better to avoid them or if you use do not over use this function because it will make your website annoying for visitors.
  7. No Music Play: Avoid adding any background music play function for the web pages you create. The web page becomes heavy in loading and it will fail down miserably.
  8. No Blinking on the text: Text Blinking looks really very old Web Designing and it reflects the design of year 1996! It will not make your website attractive; it will make it old and cheap.
  9. Website Search: Give total freedom of searching entire website on every web page. You should necessarily use search function so that visitor can see everything that is on a website according to his or her need with the help of single click!
  10. Test Links: Make sure that your web pages links are working perfectly and they are not referring visitor to another window. Make sure that your website is not using any Pop up window unless necessary. And Try to make your web pages short so that they can be loaded faster.

These are some best and most important things that every Web Designer Should keep in mind while designing a website.

Author bio: Andy is a passionate blogger and a professional web designer who works in a reputed website designing company in Mumbai. He is dedicated to provide great results to his clients due to which he is well known in his field. You may check out his blog to get an idea about his work.

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