Strato Cruiser

November 30, 2012     Designs Wallet    

This poseable Strato Cruiser Air Car model from Mesh Manglers is a beautiful, futuristic, single occupant sports air vehicle for the discerning aviator.

You will feel like you are riding the rocket in this baby with its powerful “Singularity Mach 3” engine . The Hot Rod custom paint job just screams style and the Suburban Red and Racing Green paint job allow for easy customisation.

If your flying around where the air is thin then you will want to keep the Canopy closed but if flying around at low altitude with the wind in your face is your thing then you can swap the closed Canopy with an open Windshield.

The Strato Cruiser comes with a plush cockpit with all the bells and whistles. The steering column and steering bar or both poseable to make the fitting of a pilot into the cockpit easier. For those tight turns and barrel rolls the Strato Cruiser comes with poseable air foils.

For each of the poseable components to this model the relevant Poser Dials have been renamed for ease of use. Each of the models moving parts has the movement range limited to prevent mesh intersection when operated.

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