Running with Scissors

November 30, 2012     Designs Wallet    

PropsChick and Sarsa present Running with Scissors for Victoria 4. Included are fits for A4,S4, Elite and most of the Morphs++ (Pear excluded as it breaks the outfit).

In this package you will find:

Armlet L CR2 and OBJ
Armlet R CR2 and OBJ
Sewing Armlet CR2 and OBJ
Gloves CR2 and OBJ
Necklace CR2 and OBJ
Top CR2 and OBJ
Corset CR2 and OBJ
Skirt CR2 and OBJ
Stockings CR2 and OBJ
Leg Strap CR2 and OBJ
Boots CR2 and OBJ
Earrings Smart Props (L and R) and OBJ
Rings Smart Props (L and R) and OBJ
Clock Prop and OBJ

3 Mix and Match Mat sets
Additional Mats for Clock faces
Hide mat for legs and foot pose
DS Mats (.duf)
Templates included

*See readme for more details*

*Used all backgrounds by Sveva, Octavia by Freja and Adiene, Sarenity by Adiene and Silver, Scissor Hair, Reagan Hair, Adeline Hair by PropsChick*

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