Miniatures: Archive Inferno

November 29, 2012     Designs Wallet    

This is set of decorative props for Poser & DAZ Studio. Simple and fast way to improve Your renders with special effects
of burning paper and debris.

Add more dynamics and action to Your renders with three morphing props:

Papers – more and less caught by fire, with ‘spread’ and ‘drop to floor’ morph

Burnt Pieces – totally burnt pieces of paper with traces of amber, with ‘spread’ morph Sparks – little spark particles, with ‘spread’ morph

In addition, You can scale, move, or rotate every props to get
more variation. Add as many as You want; from minor incident to
Doomsday scene
I don’t recommend animations, but You can get nice result with
motion blur in classic renders.

Categories: 3D Graphics

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