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July 7, 2014     sumaira    


LaunchRamp is a lightweight Ghost theme that elevates your blogging with better typography, gratuitous whitespace, and solid visual contrast.


  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Golden Ratio Typography
  • SEO via semantic HTML5
  • Mobile-first RWD via CSS3
  • Disqus Commenting Support
  • Featured Media Support
  • Printer-friendly
  • Social Sharing


  • Normalize.css
  • FitVids.js
  • BigText.js
  • Disqus
  • Google Fonts
    • Oswald
    • Vollkorn
  • Icon set generated via IcoMoon
    • Entypo
    • FontAwesome
  • Demo Media (not included)
    • Text: The Nürnberg Stove
    • Images:
    • YouTube: Freebord Pro Team in Austria Remix by FreebordMfg
    • Vimeo: World Online Premiere of Never Summer’s ‘Slap Happy’ by Never Summer Industries
    • SoundCloud: Simplicity Plan by Hong!


  1. Online LaunchRamp documentation here
  2. Compliments, feature requests, or trouble shooting handled via @KickturnPress
v1.0 [Mar 18 2014]
 + Initial Release
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