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Increase The Navigability Of Your Website Effectively

June 17, 2013     Designs Wallet    

If you have a website that is hard to navigate, you have nothing. Especially in this day and age where there are so many competing websites on the Internet, it is crucial for your website to be easy for visitors to navigate or they will simply get frustrated and stop viewing the site. To prevent this from happening to you, there are some things you can do to ensure that your website is easy for Internet users to navigate.

A Simple Layout

The simpler your website layout is, the easier it will be to navigate and the more traffic you will ultimately drive to it. People need to be able to find information on your site quickly and easily. This means your website should not have any more pages than are absolutely necessary because if people have to click through too many, they will not want to come back to your website in the future. In addition to limiting the number of pages on your site, each individual page should be informative but not cluttered. Too much text and/or media (videos, pictures, audio files) on an individual page will make your website hard to load and hard to navigate. It is important to strike a good balance on each page and this means leaving some spaces on each page untouched.

If your website contains a lot of written information, it will be easier for Internet users to navigate it if you include a search bar on the website. Users will be more likely to rely on your website if they can type their query into a search bar and immediately find the information they are looking for. It can also be helpful to archive older posts, especially if your website contains a blog.

Another way to increase the navigability of your website is too use a text font, size and color that are easy to read. The simpler these aspects are the better. It is also important to use a color for your website’s background that will allow the text to stand out enough to be readable, but not enough to hurt the reader’s eyes. Most websites use black text for their written content, as this is what is the easiest for most people to read. You should also use a different color, usually blue, for any links you include in the text on your website. If links are the same color as the rest of the text, site visitors might not realize that it actually is a link. Providing links on the main page of your site to other pages on your site can also make it easier to navigate.

Knowing how important a navigable website is to its visitors, if you are overwhelmed by the thought of increasing your website’s navigability, make sure to turn to the experts of web design shropshire by VibeCreative for all of your website needs. Their team is skilled at increasing the navigability of any website and they can help you with yours.

This article was written by Nancy T on behalf of VibeCreative for web design shropshire.

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