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Importance of Videos and Digital Media in Web Designing

December 16, 2013     sumaira    

Websites emulate the very existence of a substance in the virtual world, taking references form the physical world. The World Wide Web is a composition of numerous websites. The way showrooms are designed and decorated according to the marketing techniques of the things they are exhibiting likewise websites are also reflection of the ideas of the owner for the virtual world. A website should contain all the relevant information about the products or services that are being offered to the public. If it is merely informational website of an institute or organization, then it should contain all the details about the institution or the organization. Thus, in order to compile all the information neatly and clearly, web designing tools have to be used. They assemble all the information in a proper and sorted manner for the convenience of the reader.

Web Designing and Developing

Web designing is a very important field which consists of various skills and discipline for the purpose of maintenance of a website. A website is a must in almost each and every field of work nowadays. It is a basic source for e-marketing of a business, a product, etc so that it reaches maximum hands in a short duration of time. Web graphic designing, authoring, interface designing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), user experience design, including standardized code and software are various areas of web designing.

Web designers use various types of tools for this purpose. It depends on what type of production process is involved. These tools and software are reviewed and updated from time to time. Web designing involves two primary jobs:

  • Web designer
  • Web developer

They work together on a website to give it a fine shape and outlook. Graphic designers, internet marketing specialists, SEO writers, copyrighters, user experience designers, etc are a few other jobs linked with it. The role of these people can be seen in well developed websites of companies dealing with technological inventions etc.

These days web designing, has acquired its own market. There are several courses offered by the educational institutes for the people interested in learning the skills of web designing. These courses are accredited and certified by the Universities, making web designing as a field of study and research in itself. With the ongoing development, many other facets such as animations graphic designing etc. have also been attached to its sphere, giving it a professional outlook.

Digital Media

Digital media is a type of electronic media which is used to store data in digital form. It is a major aspect of website designing in this era. Conversion of data from analog data to digital data takes place via an analog to digital converter and this process is called digitizing. Nowadays, digital information is preferred over hard paper information as it is easily accessible from anywhere just by using a smart phone equipped with internet. It leaves a greater impact on the mind of the individual than the non-digitized data as it creates an image of the file in the brain of that person which is likely to be retained for a longer duration of time.

Creativity is a vital aspect of this field as better and creative the design, more it will be in demand. Attracting a person towards a more creative and beautiful design is much easy as otherwise.
SEO is a type of internet marketing which is used by the web designers in order to place your website higher in Google search to result in higher organic traffic and conversions. It enables you to be visible on the web, without it you may be visible or you may be invisible. A website may be totally useless and unheard without SEO.


Consumer is nowadays more equipped and advanced, and needs a detailed explanation of the deal or a product before he purchases it. A video provides higher chances of showing your audience something live and real. It may range from like how to use a product, how the product works, etc. It is a must for a website else the advertising is not worth much. People desire a connection with the item or things they see. It a consumer is feeling more connected to a product or service, chances for its purchase also increase simultaneously and it is much easier for them to be loyal to that brand and even share it with others.

It is very important that the web designer must always bear in mind that the website has to be made user friendly at any cost. A user can understand the content of the website only on the basis of the functioning of the website. The designer should understand the basic aim before beginning to design the website. If it is business to business website then designing of such a website will differ greatly from the website which aims at targeting consumers, to attract them towards the various products or offers.

The content and working of the website determines the reputation of the owner of the website. For example, if a company is facilitating its users for online shopping and doesn’t display the high quality images of the products that it is offering for sale or there are problems in navigating from one image to other then it causes irritability and frustration for the customer and they tend to stop using the website. It also helps in making the market value of your company or business house. The media also gathers information about you from your website which is then published even for the users who haven’t visited your website till date. Moreover, if you are interested in hiring professionals for carrying out your business activities then, it is the content on the website which impresses the applicant to be willing to be work with your organization. A website with shoddy content and lacking in digitization gives a negative impact on the readers and users, which lessens their enthusiasm and interest in your website.

Therefore, heavy duty is casted upon the web developers as well as designer to use latest technology for the websites. Embedding videos and digital media is must to make your website the modern day marketing tool.

Bio: Paul is a free lancer writer and he loves to write article on Embedding videos and digital media on your website. Also he writes for live video streaming services. To know more click here.

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  • January 2, 2014

    Without digital media enhancements, web pages would be just txt documents, nice article above thanxx.

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