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How to Avoid Constructive Criticism of Your Graphic Design Company

February 13, 2012     Designs Wallet    

How to avoid constructive criticism of your graphic design company is one of those questions that are heard frequently from people who own such companies. Often, criticism can be a good thing if it is constructive in nature. But, it should always be a designer’s target to avoid it as much as possible. This is mainly because of the fact that when you receive some kind of criticism it usually means you have made some mistake in your work. No graphic designer would therefore like to have his own mistakes pointed out to him by the

How to Avoid Constructive Criticism of Your Graphic Design Company:

Now that we know why a graphic designer would like to avoid constructive criticism, we need to know how he can do it. The answer is very simple. All he has to do is to minimize, or even preferably, eliminate the cause of criticism. This means that he should try to make as less number of mistakes in his work as possible. Lesser the number of mistakes less will be the number of chance that his employer would get to point out his mistakes. This would also result in greater customer satisfaction as the work the designer will deliver will be up to the mark. Thus, in order to avoid constructive criticism, a designer must know what the common mistakes are and avoid them.

The Common Mistakes That a Graphic Designer Should Avoid:

To avoid constructive criticism of your graphic design company, a designer should refrain from making the following mistakes.

  • When a company hires a designer for his skills, they want the best possible service from him. So do not deliver designs that are amateurish and lack the finish that professional in the field should provide.
  • In the search for a unique and intricate design, do not complicate too much. It should be such that the employer and his customers can easily make out what has been written or the message that the design has tried to give.
  • In case of designing a logo, it is not always enough to simply provide a good design. One should make sure that the design that has been made is versatile, i.e. it can be printed or shown in different sizes in different media. If the design becomes illegible or stops serving its original purpose the moment its original size is increased or decreased, it will not be of much use for the company.
  • Do not make a logo that is so complicated that no one realises what it actually represents. Keep the design simple and efficient. Do not use too many pictures in the same design as logos are meant to be remembered by the customers. If it is too difficult to even understand, no one can remember it.
  • Just because the employer has not mentioned what kind of font he expects or wants you to use, does not mean you can use as many as you want. It is usually best to not use more than two different styles of writing in a single design. It makes the design look too clumsy. Another point that has to be kept in mind is that; no matter what font is chosen to be used, it should be easily legible. Do not choose anything that a person would take several minutes to just read and figure out. It will diminish the worth of the design.
  • When it comes to designing of a webpage, the designer should be extra careful about making the page look cluttered and untidy. It is also advisable to provide a site map for the benefit of users and create soothing contrast of colours on the page.

If a designer can keep all these points in mind, he would probably not have to ask the question how to avoid constructive criticism of your graphic design company again.

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