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How To Get A Perfect Interior Design To Your Home

September 9, 2013     sumaira    

perfect interior design

Everyone wants to live in a perfectly designed house. Buying an expensive large home in a good area is not the only thing you need to do to get your dream house. The interior is what makes you feel like you are living in your dream magical place. It is not necessary that you need to buyexpensive stylish furnitureand accessories to achieve the latest interior design. With a little research and creativity, you can redesign your place into a magical world. It will not take your much money and you can do it yourself as well saving the money to hire a designer for you. Here are some tips to design a perfect interior for your dream place.

Every house has a different structure and architecture but few things in common. For example every house consist of a lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bed room and a garage. These are the minimum entities a house has. It can exceed them as well like a house can have more than one rooms, stair, store room and a balcony as well. In order to design a perfect home, treat every entity independently. You can go for a different theme in kitchen and different in bath room. It is not necessary to have a same theme throughout the house.

Paint plays an important role in deciding the theme and simulating the mood. Be very careful while selecting the color. Make use of different colors at different places to add a separate importance to that area. for example if you are using green shade on the walls of your lounge, paint the main wall which you have decorated more or which holds the family photographs in a darker or different color tone. Bedroom is the place where you go when you are tired or when you want to spend some time to relax. Furthermore, one always intends to spend a quality stress free time in the bedroom. Use the color that keeps your mood calm on the bedroom walls. This will give you a feeling of relaxation as you enter your bedroom. Remember, it is not necessary that you have to match your curtains, beddings, take covers or other furnishing stuff with the paint color you used on the walls. You must go with the contrasting color rather matching it.

Similarly use a fresh color in kitchen like yellow that keeps your energy high and mood enthusiastic so that you do not get tired by work. Add some fresh flowers to the room and kitchen or wherever you like. Make right choice in lights. Select your lights carefully as the light conditions also plays an important role in creating an ambiance. Place your furniture in the right directions. You can get ideas and help from the interior design magazines and internet. You will find hundreds of ideas over the internet that you can apply to your place. One thing that you should keep in mind is that do not make your place over crowded with things, prefer spaces in the design.

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