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Get Increased Sales With A Good Website Design: Factors for a Good Web Design

August 13, 2012     Designs Wallet    

Many people do not care about the technicalities while designing a website. They want to put on every best possible feature they can while designing a website layout. As a matter of fact, a website should not only look attractive, or be user friendly, but should also be search engine friendly. Your web design should be planned in such a way that it attracts large number of visitors, eventually resulting in increased sales.

If you are planning to make an e-commerce website to sell your products online, then it is advisable to go through all the important aspects of website building. A good professional web design Nottingham firm or a web designer/developer can help you achieve your sales targets by providing you a profit yielding website. In this article, we will talk about certain factors that you should keep in mind while designing a website, whether you are doing it yourself, or hiring a professional firm.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

1) Design Layout – Your website should be readable, easy-to-use and  well organized. The website layout must be lucid and simple. When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, he should be able to locate whatever he wants easily without getting confused.

Also, many people refrain from visiting heavy sites, as they take lot of time to download which makes the user impatient. Therefore, while designing the layout of the website make sure that you keep the size of the files and content small, so that it is quick to download.

2) Consider other browsing platforms – Nowadays, a lot of people have started using internet on their cell phones too. There are chances that many of them would want to browse your website while travelling on their handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, to meet the demands of such audiences it is essential to design a website that is compatible with all kinds of platforms, other than computers.

3) Organized Content: Make sure all the contents available on your website are properly organized. No matter how attractive and unique your website is, it is important to have an informative,  relevant and unique content on your website. It can be in the form of pictures, video, or texts depending upon the type of products you are selling. For instance, if you are selling mobile handsets, then adding a small video on “Unboxing” for every new handset that is launched will be an additional advantage.


4) Search Engine Optimization – A search engine friendly website is considered to be a good profit making website.  It not only provide you good ranking in the search engine, but also direct lots and lots of new people everyday to your website. The increased traffic eventually leads to sale, making your business popular and profitable at the same point of time. Every professional web designer associated with web design Nottingham understands the importance of search engine optimization. A good web designer is committed to provide you the content that is relevant, unique, original and most importantly keyword enriched to boost your website ranking.

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