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Free Drupal Modules that make development easier

May 30, 2013     Designs Wallet    

Drupal has an upper hand over several of its competitors when it comes down to Content Management Systems which are open source. One of the best reasons for this is the fact that Drupal has several modules available that make the site extremely flexible and easy to control. Given below are some amazing free Drupal Modules which drupal developers in San Francisco believe are the best for development and make the system easier to use.

  1. Backup and Migrate:

  2. Backup and Migrate is an essential module that you absolutely must add to your site when using Drupal. This module enables the user to backup the site. In this way it can be restored and can be moved. Backing up the site is essential. There is every possibility that a site may get crashed during the process of its development. In such a situation all the efforts may go down the drain. However, with the Backup and Migrate module, you can back the files up immediately. You could also set up a schedule for the files to be backed up immediately. There are absolutely no complications involved.

  3. Context:

  4. Some pages on a website need to be consistent. Some, on the other hand, need to look different and must have a different visual appeal. For instance, the homepage is what people get attracted to. This page needs to have its own unique design and feel to it. It helps to break the monotony. Initially the drupal developers had to change the appearance of a page with the help of options available within the themes. However, with the context module, an admin can directly define the contexts for a site. This module controls the look and visual aspect of a site and an admin can control every part of this module to suit his requirement.

  5. Delta:

  6. Delta works great with Context module. These two modules go hand in hand and are perfect for enhancing the aesthetic aspect of a website. Theme settings which are generally based on node types can be configured by the admins. They can also configure it as per the context or group of paths. Delta allows you to save these theme adjustments. They can then be displayed when a context is shown for the website. To put it simply, it enables the admin to create custom themes which can be used by Context whenever it needs to.

  7. Display Suite:

  8. Display Suite is one module, say drupal developers in San Francisco, which can be extremely helpful. It enables the users to apply custom layouts to the individual content nodes or to the entire site as a whole. It does so quickly without wasting any time. The level of detail that is involved in this is extremely useful. It helps a page to stand out from the rest of the pages. This is essential if you wish to highlight that particular page and draw more attention towards it.

  9. Field Group:

  10. The module simply describes it as grouping the fields together. Field group is an innovative module which suffuses your webpage with a fresh look. If you have created a form in Drupal earlier, you can take the fields from this form and you can use your creativity to display these forms in any format that you would like. Managing the field groups is extremely easy.

  11. Media:

  12. This is one of the easiest and most creative modules provided for Drupal. All you have to do is click on the icons and import a local file or enter the URL. Everything else is taken care of by Drupal.

Author’s bio:

Marvin is a Drupal developer and he has been working with a team of Drupal developers in San Francisco to come up with free modules that can be used to enhance Drupal’s performance. He is a lover of technology and loves to splurge on expensive gadgets.

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  • Charlie Brown
    June 27, 2013

    If someone could let me know all the drupal platform solutions available for e-commerce websites. I am launching an online portal for fashion products for kids like kids clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc. I would like to use drupal for developing the site and if someone could help me out, it would be great.

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