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Diagnostic Module

November 29, 2012     Designs Wallet    

Model of diagnostic bed constructed for examination and basic or deep diagnosis of various tested subject both organic, mechanical or combined. Diagnostic module can be used as independent piece of equipment or as additional periphery for Cyborg Maintenance Unit. In combination with this unit, it can also be used not only for diagnostic purposes, but also for treatment and repair. It is usable for any kind of human sized subject like robots, droids, cyborgs, alien life-forms or even operatives in power armors in unconscious states.

Module consits of universal bed on flexible hydraulic joints, with two surfaces, hard mostly for mechanical subjects and soft mostly for organic subjects. Diagnostic Bed is equipped with wide array of examination and diagnostic instruments mount on three moving arches and two foldable side wings. It can be operated either by internal software AI, by attached external bot operator or by human operator. For such module can be equipped with manual controls panel on either end of bed. Individual parts of diagnostic equipment can be extended by local force fields for isolating subject from environment or for maintaining certain physical conditions necessary for subject. Such diagnostic stations are used widely at many organizations and agencies. We are presenting it in general security, army and navy variants.

Included are:
Diagnostic Module figure with:
more than 30 body parts
more than 20 ERC channels for
moving body parts and props
or changing the look.
3 complete textures (Army, Navy and Security)
7 additional props
4 poses for M4 and V4
Additional pose for hiding claw Arms in CMU

Categories: 3D Graphics

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