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Convert a Photo into Pencil Sketch using Photoshop

January 24, 2011    

Mostly you see hand drawn pictures in real life of celebrities, famous places and most of other things. And most of people want to make their own or favorite pictures like that. Using Photoshop this is quite easy everyone can make pictures like hand drawn or pencil sketched. Today we will let you know that how to convert any photo into pencil sketch in Photoshop. Follow these easy steps and enjoy!

How to Make Hitman in Adobe Illustrator

September 25, 2010    

Hitman is a fictional and unreal character, super powered hitman in the DC Comics Universe. This is a most popular character of cinema screen and also has popularity in game lovers. Today we are going to make a tutorial on illustration of hitman in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Fullscreen Flash File in Browser

September 25, 2010    

Since the Flash Player 9,0,28,0 update, flash applets can go to true full-screen. There are no fancy javascript hacks needed either. Users can toggle between normal size and fullscreen with a simple click, which can toggle Stage[“displayState”] from “normal” to “fullScreen”. The param allow FullScreen must be set to true in the applet html.

Basic Connectivity of Flash and XML

July 30, 2010    

In this article we will tell you about basic connection between flash and XML. It will show you what to add in the flash file in order to be able to read tags from an XML file and then use that data inside flash.

PHP Contact Form Tutorial

June 8, 2010    

When you need that user contact with you or send feedback to you via email then you have to need make a contact form. In this tutorial you will learn that how to create form with php script.

Transparent Background of SWF in Webpage

June 8, 2010    

When you insert SWF file in your webpage it always show given background color and if you want transparent background color and want to use your webpage bg color then you have to need make transparent background of swf file. This is the very simple way but for this you will have to use only stage background color in flash not any rectangle on stage because this method only transparent stage bg…    read more 

Make Gift Box in Adobe Illustrator

April 12, 2010    

In this tutorial you will learn that how to make gift box. This is very simple tutorial using basic techniques of Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial we will work on Skew effect. Hope you will learn much more and make many things after using these tips.