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Designs Wallet

Increase The Navigability Of Your Website Effectively

June 17, 2013     Designs Wallet    

If you have a website that is hard to navigate, you have nothing. Especially in this day and age where there are so many competing websites on the Internet, it is crucial for your website to be easy for visitors to navigate or they will simply get frustrated and stop viewing the site. To prevent this from happening to you, there are some things you can do to ensure that your website…    read more 

Design: The development of illustration and illustrated maps

June 14, 2013     Designs Wallet    

People have been using maps since the beginning of time. it was the map that helped Vasco Da Gama and Columbus to discover new lands. Today, the maps have evolved tremendously and can be used by any layman. It is not necessary that you need to be a voyager like Marco Polo to make use of this humble invention. Maps are extremely essential as they enable a person to effectively understand the…    read more 

23 Tools to Test your Ecommerce Site

June 12, 2013     Designs Wallet    

The Ecommerce Site needs to be handed professionally as it is a professional website. There are so many things you can do for testing your Ecommerce website but not all online tools works well and it is hard to research on all the tools. Here is the selected and filtered list of 23 Tools to Test your Ecommerce Site which will be good and will definitely give you best results according to…    read more 

Add Creativity to Your Design with 12 jQuery Tutorials

June 12, 2013     Designs Wallet    

With these 12 jQuery Tutorials, you would be able to decorate your design or to make add some amazing features to it. As we all know that JavaScript JQuery has been the best choice for creativity of our web design. JavaScript is never ending ocean of creativity and so let’s dip in it and bring some amazing and exciting features of JQuery! Here I am providing you 12 jQuery Tutorials to help…    read more 

Free Drupal Modules that make development easier

May 30, 2013     Designs Wallet    

Drupal has an upper hand over several of its competitors when it comes down to Content Management Systems which are open source. One of the best reasons for this is the fact that Drupal has several modules available that make the site extremely flexible and easy to control. Given below are some amazing free Drupal Modules which drupal developers in San Francisco believe are the best for development and make the system…    read more 

Guide to Better Optimize Your Magento Website

May 29, 2013     Designs Wallet    

Magento, an open source platform is known for the inbuilt SEO that helps an Ecommerce store to drive more traffic and sales. You need to employ the most recent version of Magento for implementing SEO properly and for this you have to enable Server URL rewrites. This article is a guide that gives you tips to better optimize your Magento website.

11 Tips on How to Make Your Website Sellable

May 13, 2013     Designs Wallet    

Creating a website is not enough; it must have the power to sell what you offer product or service. When you go for a website design service or redesign, like most people, you also want to come up with a better interface. But is that all what you need? The ultimate goal is to have sales.

5 Tips for Naming Your Startup Business

May 6, 2013     Designs Wallet    

One of the most frustrating parts of coming up with a new start-up business can be the naming of the business. A good business name is advertising, branding, and marketing all in one. If the business name is solid, it will take a great deal of extraneous work out of the managing of the business, especially at first. Conversely, a bad business name can be off-putting to customers, convey little faith, and…    read more