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Add Creativity to Your Design with 12 jQuery Tutorials

June 12, 2013     Designs Wallet    

With these 12 jQuery Tutorials, you would be able to decorate your design or to make add some amazing features to it. As we all know that JavaScript JQuery has been the best choice for creativity of our web design. JavaScript is never ending ocean of creativity and so let’s dip in it and bring some amazing and exciting features of JQuery! Here I am providing you 12 jQuery Tutorials to help you in designing.

  1. How to Make Pretty Charts for Your App with jQuery and xCharts?
  2. You can build a pretty, AJAX powered chart which will fetch the data from MySQL table database. It comes with simple structure and it can be used for enhancing styling abilities and to make your webpage icons look good! This JQuery function will load with the help of Ajax and it would not be heavy for your website performance.

  3. How to Make Mini Help System with jQuery?
  4. You would need to input the event or keyword in a text box and it will show the event similar to your search. It works with highlight named JQuery plug-in and this plug-in helps matched text replaced with the <span> element for better browser compatibility. It will scroll easily and smoothly with the help of jQuery.scrollTo plug-in.

  5. How to createFrameWarp – jQuery plug-in for displaying pages in a neat overlay?
  6. This is the most exciting and most useful function of JQuery! You can use it for all your web designs! It is lightweight so that it will not affect for page loading speed and it is especially created for showing non image pages. With the help of this plug-in, you page will look like no disturbing dialog window. It can provide you the function of self-closing and faster loading window. It uses CSS animation with JavaScript fallback for additional creativity.

  7. Creating jQuery Pinterest Pin It Plug-in?
  8. As the pinterest is the growing social website and more and more peoples are joining its network, it becomes priority of website developer’s too! You can get your own creative pin it plug-in for your website and it could be as decorative or as simple as you wish. It is best for catching your visitor’s preference and it will support different browsers across the world.

  9. How to create Cycle through Images on Hover with jQuery?
  10. This is the best plug-in that fits in almost all designs and all websites. It is a best and quick way to add hover, fast cycling or JQuery powered slide show to your website. It can represent so many things in small place and it can be place anywhere according to your need. It can overlay your logo or any other design according to your hover state. This would be best for managing images stuff in small and impressive place.

  11. How to apply jQuery Wookmark?
  12. JQuery Wookmark is amazing feature that allows you to automatically crop the image in the way it should. It hardly takes few minutes and your image would be ready to be called perfect without doing anything manually. It creates significantly perfect design or size of a specific picture and it can create some effects on your image and it all can be done with one feature that is called woomark.

  13. Create jQuery plug-in: Full screen Background?
  14. Commonly, this feature is used for template designing and it creates different look for your image. It is best for publishing full screen content on the web. You can add full screen background images, videos and other stuffs easily with the help of single code. With the small jQuery plug-in, you would be able to create a specific background.

  15. How to build an iOS-Style Content Slider using jQuery?
  16. It is exciting content styling and sliding effect addition plug-in. It allows you to create drag and drop design. It impacts great on dynamic styles. It becomes more impressive with dynamic slideshows and image galleries. There are many more functions inbuilt in this plug-in and it will add best and perfect look to your web design. It simply merges with the JavaScript code and it works perfectly with other combined features of your website.

  17. Revolver.js 
  18. It is a best plug-in for content slider. You can make your own slider in the way you want and you can add other features of JavaScript in it. With a flexible and smooth rolling feature, it loads quickly. Ii will not slow down your web pages.

  19. Parallax Content Slider with CSS3 and jQuery
  20. This is flexible and modified content slider which is the best combination of CSS3 and jQuery features. You can control it using CSS and it allows you to manage or control each element of animation and you can create effects for your website slider.

  21. SlabText – Responsive Text Plug-in
  22. It is a simple yet impressive JQuery plug-in. It allows you to add Bold, Attractive, Big, and Responsive Text effects on your web pages or anywhere you want.

  23. Alertify – Customizable jQuery Notification Plug-in
  24. It simple notifications plug-in that will notify you with a dialog box wherever you want.

Author bio: Charlie is a web designer and coding expert who loves working with jQuery. And he has written several articles on Web Design Wakefield along with it he also writes his blog where he provides useful tips on web design and using best services for growing the online business.

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