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5 Tips for Naming Your Startup Business

May 6, 2013     Designs Wallet    

One of the most frustrating parts of coming up with a new start-up business can be the naming of the business. A good business name is advertising, branding, and marketing all in one. If the business name is solid, it will take a great deal of extraneous work out of the managing of the business, especially at first. Conversely, a bad business name can be off-putting to customers, convey little faith, and at worst, drive investors away. Don’t be frustrated if it’s difficult to think of a good name right away; though it seems like one of the easiest parts of the business start-up process, it can be one of the most difficult to get right, and one of the most important.

Make It Memorable

If your customers can’t remember your business’s name, there’s a good chance you’ll lose business. In today’s super-fast world of instant information, consumers want to be able to pull out a smartphone and instantly learn everything they need to know about your company. If the name isn’t instantly memorable and easy to spell, forget it. It should also be distinctive enough so it won’t be confused with a plethora of other search results there are probably enough “Great Cuts,””Super Styles,” and “Shear Elegance” hair salons, if you’re looking for a strong and definitive brand. Avoid making the same puns everyone else in the business makes, if applicable to your business.

Add a Visual Theme

Memory is tied more to image than to words. If you can add a visual element not just to your brand, but to your brand’s name, your company name will resonate more thoroughly with your customers. This is an important step when considering how to register a company. A company named “Angry Cat Computers” leaves a more memorable impression than a company named “Telecommunications Computers.”

Go for Positivity

Being memorable is important. However, just as important as leaving an impression is making sure you leave a positive impression. A cookie company called “Peanut Slaughter” will leave a strong memory in a customer’s mind, but it probably isn’t the association you want to make. This is why so many baking companies have names like “Mom’s Cookies” and “Home-Style Love,” and more technologically related companies choose names like “Future Brilliance Inc.”

Be Descriptive

Don’t let the customer forget what product they’re buying. While a descriptive name like “Blue Sky LLC” may be memorable and positive, the product is not easily worked out. Creating an aura of mystery is only good in a company that sells mystery if your company sells a service or product, stick with something clear and descriptive.

Keep It Simple

“The Best Technological Company In the Whole Darn World” may be positive, descriptive, and memorable, but it’s difficult to put on branding stationary. Also, the more complicated your business name is, the more difficulty customers will have recommending your business to their friends, especially those friends of theirs who want to look a company up online before making a purchasing decision.

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