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1937 Buick Special

November 30, 2012     Designs Wallet    

Dreamland Models presents a brand new line of Low Polygon Count Vehicles

Have you ever tried to have more than one or two cars in a scene and discover

that too many cars can kill your render times? Or even not have enough power to render the scene?

Well rest easy.

This product is a Low Polygon Count Vehicle with a Simple Interior.

It is designed to allow you to have many, many Vehicles in a scene.

Populate a car lot? No problem.

Want Vehicles all over your City Street? No problem.

They are designed in such a way that you can even use them up pretty close and will have a hard time

seeing any difference from those other cars you see around that are anywhere

from 250,000 to 1,000,000 polygons, or more.

This Vehicle has a choice of many different paint jobs, created by the man himself, Bagginsbill

Thank you very much for your endless help on this new line of Vehicles!

They come from bagginsbill’s BB2 Shader pack. A merchant resource.

Just select the Vehicle in the material room and apply one of the many Paint materials to it.

Categories: 3D Graphics

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