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11 Tips on How to Make Your Website Sellable

May 13, 2013     Designs Wallet    

Creating a website is not enough; it must have the power to sell what you offer product or service. When you go for a website design service or redesign, like most people, you also want to come up with a better interface. But is that all what you need? The ultimate goal is to have sales.

You do not always need to design a website from scratch to make it more user-friendly and to optimize the conversion rate. You can definitely go for a new design, but remember that some small tweaks can also do the job.

Here are some tips that can increase the conversion rate and allow you to come up with a highly profitable website for your business.

1. Work with a professional website designer

A professional website designer can always add great value. When it comes to do a spell check, changing font or changing background image, probably you can manage the tasks. But optimizing the design of a website for better conversions is a different task altogether it is better to work with a professional.

2. Go back to zero and then start

It is always recommended to go back to ground zero, think what you want to achieve and move forward. Once you start designing, it is easier to get diverted rather than staying focused.

3. Define the objectives

This is very important. Define the objectives of your website first. You should know what you want to achieve with the website and with the new design what according to you is success. Then only you will be able to reach there.

4. Add testimonials

Let your customers speak for you do not forget to add testimonials received from your past clients. Testimonials make your website credible. You can add images of the customers or go for video testimonials as well. Make sure the testimonials are placed at a visible location.

5. Add industry information and resources

It is better to establish yourself as an industry leader. This will ensure organic growth – people would come to you before going to anyone else. Case studies, survey reports, analytics, insights, interviews etc. can help you add more value to your website.

6. Be social

Your customers are your biggest assets; engage with them on social media. Come up with an easy and interesting interface so that they engage with you on the website as well. By interacting with your customers you can turn them evangelists.

7. Eliminate irrelevant elements

Do you have pop-up ads, pop-up window, splash pages etc. that prevent users to go to where they want to go? If yes, then remove them. Such elements do not help in conversion but increases bounce rate and results in sale dropouts.

8. Offline branding should be in sync with your website

Do you publish offline ads heavily? Do you have a business logo that is widely known? Have you recently changed your business logo? Make sure your website is in sync with other promotional activities – especially when the logo is updated, it should be modified on the website on the same day.

9. Make it mobile friendly

A lot of people access websites from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, people might have problem viewing it; and they might just bounce back. A mobile friendly version has to be configured to tap in the mobile searchers.

10. Give direction on how to reach your office

Several direction widgets are available out there. You can get such a widget with Google Maps as well. Add such a widget on the contact page or anywhere else on the website so that people can understand how to reach to your place.

11. Add call to action to all the pages

Call to action is the most important part of a website. It allows you to convince your prospects to behave the way you want them to. Whether you want them to call a certain number, fill out a form or visit another page right call to action at the right place can be of immense help.

These are just few tips; there are many other such things that can help you influence the performance of your website.

Author Bio:
Simmon Pierre is a budding designer and social media marketer. He is currently managing online marketing activities of Site2you.

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